About Us

Photo of the creator of Medi-TinsMedi-Tins, LLC dba Medi-Tins is a family owned business dedicated to making sure college students are prepared to self-manage minor health conditions when they are away from home. Medi-Tins was developed by Kwan Chan-House, MD, a Pediatrician, as she prepared her son for his first year of college. She searched for just the right first-aid and medical kit that would serve as a dorm room medicine cabinet, but couldn't find exactly what she was looking for. Relying on her years of experience in teaching parents and young adults how to manage common, minor medical issues, she developed her first Medi-Tin First Aid and Medical Kit for her son. The line of Medi-Tins has now expanded to include conveniently sized On-the-Go Tins that fit easily in to a bag or pocket, so students can stay prepared when out and about. You'll feel more comfortable knowing that your student won't need to go out searching for the right over-the-counter medications or hunting for a bandage when they need them. Medi-Tins First Aid and Medical Kits will help keep all their self-care supplies organized and always handy.